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CplFull -Game Servers

CplFull of Rust

* Rust server TICK = resources pull every 1 hour to upkeep your base (not default every 10 minutes).

* Rust server Upkeep Time = every 48 hours (not default every 12 hours).

1. - No KOS (shooting on site).

2. - No Base Raiding.

3. - No Base Destruction.

4. - No stealing.

5. - Do not be toxic.

6. - A persons vehicle is a part of their base.

7. - "Survivor" is not a viable character name.

8. - No Base Building within 1000m of ANY Monument.

9. - No Base Building within 500m of ANY Road.

10. - No Base Building within 100m of another Player Base.

11. - No blocking of roads, spawn points, water wells, etc.

* Any violation of the Universal PVE rules will get you banned from all my servers.

* Any questions or comments please contact me at [email protected]


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